Prolozone Joint Injection

Prolozone joint injection

The most effective treatment in treating pain is injecting Ozone into joints/painful areas with a process called Prolozone. A local anesthetic may be injected first, and then the ozone. The oxygen in the ozone creates the energy needed for cells to regenerate and repair and improves circulation.Ozone has been found to significantly attenuate inflammation and toxic molecules associated with arthritis and tissue damage. Pain relief often can be immediate and often is long-lasting, even when the local anesthetic wears off. Some popular areas injected with Ozone and taught to our staff by Dr. Rowen are included in his videos are:

  • Knee, ankle, and should joint pain
  • Back pain from the cervical to lumbar region
  • Hip pain
  • Wrist pain (carpal tunnel) and hand pain (arthritis)
  • Vaginal pain (sexual dysfunction or pain) and cervical pain (cervicitis)
  • Prostate (prostatitis and enlarged prostate)
  • Penile (erectile dysfunction)
  • Muscle pain-trigger point injections

Dr. Rowen (our instructor/mentor) is also a recognized leader in the use of Prolozone Therapy, and teaches this procedure to doctors/practitioners worldwide.

Videos: visit Dr. Rowen’s YouTube channel and search the pain or joint that matches your interest:



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