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Here at Hyperbaric Therapy of Dublin, we follow the highest standard, respecting safety and innovation in the delivery of regenerative therapy. Our certified staff optimizes several modalities when initiating a specialized plan for your specific needs. Our specialized plans may include Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments, EBOO, and/or Ozone therapy. We offer many more options and combinations.

Regenerative medicine is designed to repair damaged cells within the body by reducing inflammation and modulating the immune system. The goal of regenerative therapy focuses on healing the injured parts of the body. Patients have the ability to utilize safe natural healing components. Opposed to turning to more invasive procedures, such as surgery. This phenomenon makes regenerative therapy a viable treatment option for many medical conditions.

Treated Conditions:


Therapy plans like the one discussed above are not widely offered in combined treatments. We are one of the few clinics that have brought these therapies together to offer the most options for optimum treatment. Creating the body’s optimal environment before receiving regenerative therapy and enhancing the environment help therapies work at their fullest potential. This is what allows our therapies to stand out from others in the industry.


Regenerative therapy can help reduce pain effectively, helps avoid surgery, and also helps prevent nerve damage. With our tailored treatment plan, therapy will include reducing toxins and promoting cellular healing. When combining Hyperbaric Therapy patients can enhance cellular renewal, support the growth of new connective tissue, and much more. We spend additional time creating personalized therapies for each patient to support them in getting the results they desire.

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